Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fuel Filler and Tank Vent Valve

To comply with IVA requirements the cap needs to be tethered to the fuel filler itself.  I copied the idea from the Carbuilder Solutions Catalogue, i.e. brass picture frame wire and cut down crimp terminals.

The cap did need dismantling first, but at least there are two holes available to take the wire and a handy recess to hide the crimp connector in.

With the cap reassembled ready for installation on the car.

Fuel filler hose connected up and all mounting bolts tightened.

I was a bit worried that the two bends required might be too tight or that the pipe might foul on the boot box molding altogether.  In the end it does not seem too bad and all being well the fuel will flow easily down the filler pipe and the air back up.

Next, time to fit the (not cheap at all) fuel tank vent valve.  This allows air in to the tank as fuel is used.  It also allows air in or out of the tank for expansion/contraction due to temperature changes.  Most importantly it does not let fuel flow out when inverted, i.e. when the car is upside down after an accident.  I think this is all done by a clever arrangement of two ball bearings and probably a spring or two.  The valve has to be fitted with the rubber o-ring uppermost.

That's the fuel system complete and ready for service.  Just need to complete the exhaust before the first engine start can be attempted.

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