Monday, 19 September 2011

Cutting the Exhaust Pipes to Fit

Before getting started on this I realised that the lamda sensor boss was missing from my Webcon Alpha Pro4 kit.  I called Webcon, and as before, they were extremely helpful.  A replacement was posted first class and with me the following morning.

The various exhaust components were fitted together.

Problem was that the curved pipe between the cat and the silencer would not have enough metal showing.  This is a problem as where the bend is in the pipe the profile changes from round to oval(ish).  This is okay where the pipe is to be welded to the cat, but would not be okay where it is to be push fitted into the silencer.  To attempt to solve this the silencer was moved back a little, but there is not much room to play with as it is already near to the rear wheel arch.  In the end I removed about 25mm from the end of each exhaust header and this allowed just enough of the curved pipe to be showing.  The curved pipe was cut to the final dimensions and everything assembled.

All permanent joints were marked up for alignment ready to post to Tiger for them to weld, including the installation of the boss for the lamda sensor.

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