Monday, 5 September 2011

Collection of Body Work from Tiger

It has been a quiet month or so on the build.  Partly due to holidays and partly due to all tasks being completed, those that needed to be done before fitting of the body work.  Here is the car the night before collecting the body work from Tiger.

Tiger had only moved into its new premises just two days previously.  Despite that they were happy to accomodate me, albeit while in the middle of unpacking, cutting concrete for floor rollers, etc.  The new single site set up is really smart and it should be good to have everything on the one site.

I was going to hire a large van to collect the body work, but the rental is quite expensive and the fuel consumption is generally poor.  Instead I rented a small flat bed car trailer.  The only problem with this was lashing the load securely.  Pipe insulation was used to protect the body work from the trailer as well as the lashings.  Frequent stops were needed early on in the journey to tighten the lashings, but after a while the load had settled and the remainder of the journey passed without event. Phew!
Back home, here is the body work resting on the chassis.  First job will be to start cutting to clear the steering column, etc.  More on that next time.

By the way, the car will be white!

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