Monday, 12 September 2011

Fitting the Main Body Tub

Before the main body tub will sit down on the chassis a hole needs cutting for the steering column and the unused Sierra pedal box mounting brackets need to be cut off.  Some Hammerite was applied to the bare metal to prevent rusting later.

The lower part of the dash (only used during lay up of the fibreglass) needed to be trimmed off. The front edge of the front body sides were trimmed equal and vertical.  The body would now sit down on the chassis.  It is a very tight fit.  It seemed easiest to 'hook' the body under the rear chassis and then pull it down forwards.  There was a lot of creaking from the fibreglass, but it seems I got away with it, without any permanent damage.  Large head rivets were then added under the chassis rear and sides, as well as the top rails under the bonnet.

Couldn't resist cutting a hole for the shiny aero fuel filler and trialing the steering wheel.

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