Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Cutting the Hole for the Exhaust Headers

Before the body work was fitted a template was created out of pieces of card.

Copied to card a larger piece single.  Reference point was marked to ensure it would be in the right location on the chassis (measured from the upper wishbone bolt and top of the upper chassis rail.)

Checked on the chassis with the exhaust headers in place.

Used as a template after the body work was fitted.

Marked out using a chinagraph pencil (already learnt that even wipe clean whiteboard markers will not come of white fibreglass!).

First whole cut (actually drilled and filed).

And exhaust headers trial fitted.

The pipes were a tight fit and so the hole was opened up some more, whilst trying to ensure an equal spacing all round.

After removing the headers, refitting and tightening fully, the pipes were lower than before so a little more had to be cut off the bottom and rear.  Hopefully the gap above the pipes is now not too wide.  Maybe later on I'll make a metal trim to hide any sins.

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