Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Wiring Check Out

Now that the wiring is complete (standard Tiger loom, not Webcon Alpha loom) I decided to give it a little test.  It is much easier to fix errors now, before the body is on.  There were just a few gremlins to fix, like the relays in the wrong sockets and the low and high beam wires mixed up on the steering column switch.  Once corrected everything seems to be working correctly.

Here are the rear lights all switched on.  The camera on the phone has not coped too well though.

Once satisfied that the loom was all correctly wired in it was time to try the digital dash again.  Here all the 'tell tales' are illuminated.  Not something that you'd want to see while driving along!

There is just the reverse switch to wire into the digital dash.  The dash supports a reverse gear logo ('R') as well as 'calculated' gears.  To light the 'R' on the display requires a connection to ground.  However, the output of the reverse light switch on the gearbox is +12v, so I need to use a relay.

Once this reverse gear indicator is working I'll tidy up the Tiger loom and move on to the Webcon Alpha loom.

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