Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Webcon Alpha Pro 4 Gold Throttle Bodies Kit

I've opened up the box and the kit is very comprehensive.  There's even a fuel filter and mounting hardware.  I will use this to replace the existing budget filter and home made bracket.  Should have read the kit contents before try to complete the fuel lines!

I was a little disheartened to find a large wiring loom.  I thought my wiring chores were over.  To be fair it is probably fairly straight forward and everything is labelled.  That makes a change.

Yesterday I made a call to Webcon to discuss connecting the ECU tacho output to the digital dashboard - didn't want to fry anything.  They were very helpful and happy to answer my technical questions in great detail, explaining how the ECU is built and operates.  I hopefully won't need their help, but it is very reassuring to know there is somebody there who can help.  Main piece of advice for installation was: don't touch any of the factory set screws that are thread locked.  Point noted.

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