Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Radiator Change

While at the Tiger at the weekend I discussed my plans for engine cooling.  Weighing up the pros and cons of the Polo radiator I had a change of mind and a further lightening of the wallet.  My car (is it a car yet?) is now adorned with a shiny alloy radiator.

This new radiator choice has also simplified the plumbing.  Now I'll just be using the two 32mm hose connections on the thermostat housing to the radiator and the 15mm connection on the bottom of the rad to the expansion tank.  Both heater outlets on the thermostat housing will be blanked and the centre of the thermostat removed.  It will take slightly longer to warm up, but as the car will not be used on very cold days it should not be a problem.

I've kept my 'puller' fan, but it means the rad has to sit a little high.  I will only know when I get the nose cone on.  There is probably a bit of room to move the rad lower with some slight tweaking of the mounting brackets.


  1. Hello,
    can you give me the dimensions of the radiator and the reference, I would need to buy a like for like seven
    thank you Jacky

  2. Hi, sorry I don't know the reference. I bought the radiator direct from Tiger Sportscars and I assume they bought it from a specialist manufacturer. I'll get some measurements for you when I am next in the garage. To be honest it is a bit big for this car and something the size of the Polo radiator would be more suitable.