Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Throttle Pedal

The throttle linkage assembly is mounted underneath the throttle bodies. This is much easier to attach before mounting the bodies on the engine.   Lucky then that I read ahead in the installation manual to the next chapter to where that is mentioned

The throttle cables are attached to the throttle pedal using the fitting kit provided. Before this could be done the angle grinder and cutting disc had to be used to remove the flat plate that was welded to the top of the throttle pedal.  I assume this is used for a standard installation.  With the Webcon throttle bodies this is not needed, only the round shaft is needed.

The cables had to be shortened significantly.  I tried to solder the ends to prevent fraying of the cut inner cables, but the solder would not take.  Probably some kind of coating on the inner cables. In the end I used some epoxy resin.  As Tiger warned me the throttle pedal is too stiff with both return springs fitted so I have removed one.

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