Friday, 24 February 2012

Registration Application Made at the Local DVLA Office

Went along to Reading DVLA office today to make my application for first registration.  As I have more than one reconditioned donor part that does not have official receipts I can only apply for a Q-prefix via form V55/4.  This is what I had expected.

Eventually all the forms were filled and the supporting documents checked.  In total this took nearly one and half hours.  There was one difficult moment when it became apparent that I did not have the insurance certificate or a cover note.  I had only been sent the Shedule and the Summary.  I quickly called Footman James.  They e-mailed a cover note to my phone straight away.  The DVLA staff member gave me his e-mail address.  I forwarded to him and he printed it out.  All sorted in 5 mins.  A lucky escape.

I've paid the registration fee of £55 pounds, plus the cost of the tax disc.  Next I have to wait for my inspection.  This will take place at the DVLA office on 13th March.  Unfortunately this is the earliest appointment.  It seems inspections are only held once a week.  Its only a 15 minute slot so should be over quite quickly, but it does mean the hassle of trailering the car once again.

Once the inspection is done the remaining paperwork should be processed quickly and a tax disc sent through the post.  So I was told.

All these local DVLA offices are due to close by next year.  This process is going to be even more difficult if things are centralised in Swansea.

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