Saturday, 11 February 2012

IVA Test Result

Well not a bad day in the end.  A bit of a challenge getting through the snow and ice to the test station.  However, once there the test went much better than expected.  Only three fail items:

  1. Radius issue on exhaust clamp - needs turning around so that bolt is towards the sill of the car.
  2. Light on fog light switch coming on with side lights - needs to come on only when the fog lights are actually on.  Easy re-wiring job.
  3. Not possible to assess the state of the rear brake shoes due to the inspection hole in the back plate being obstructed by the Tiger uprights.  Need to drill a new hole that is accessible and fit a rubber bung.  On each side of course.
Will get these things fixed in the next few days and book a re-test for a couple of weeks time.  This time I think I will drive it to the test centre.  As long as it is a bit warmer.

Even though the car was on a trailer quite a lot of salty road spray end up on the front of the car.  Even more got sprayed on as the car was driven round the test centre.  Its all washed off now and the car is back in a heated garage to dry off.

First of the tests was the speedo.  Good news no issues here, my calculations to programme the digital dash must have been roughly right.

Second test was emissions.  Like the MoT no issues here as long as the retard 'switch' on the ECU was activated.

Worse than the dentists?  The tester goes into the cabinent of IVA tortutre tools...

When doing the basic brake test the car's front and rear axle weights are measured.  With a full tank of fuel, but no driver this came out at a bit over 600Kg in total.  I was expecting a bit less than this.  Especially given that I have the alloy tank and rad, race battery, as well as no windscreen, heater, etc.  I'll get the car corner weighted at a later stage and double check the figures.

Outside the noise test was performed.  93 point something dB.  Well below the 99 dB limit.  Will also be okay for track use too.  This is with the standard Tiger exhaust set up.

The indirect vision test was a breeze with the big side mirrors.  Anything that couldn't been seen due to the headrests was easily seen in the side mirrors.

Before and during the test I was apprehensive, especially with the weather situation.  In the end though, it is like most people say, an enjoyable experience.  The tester was very fair and helpful.  Having driven around the test centre I definitely cannot wait to start driving on the road.

Oh, I nearly forgot.  When I return for the re-test I need to have the 'five point brake test' done.  The equipment was away being repaired on the day I was at the test centre.  It was supposed to arrive during the day, but didn't.

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