Monday, 20 February 2012

IVA Re-Test Modifications

IVA re-test booked for 22nd February.  Modifications to address the fail items have now completed.

1.  Exhaust clamp rotated around towards the sill of the car.  Also cut of the excess thread that was showing through the clamp.

2.  Minor wiring change behind the fog light switch so that the switch light only comes on with the fog light iteself.

3.  Brake lining wear inspection holes (13mm) drilled in brake back plates.  New bungs were inserted.  

There aren't too many options for where to drill.  Some of the flat areas are indented for the purpose of holding the shoes in position.  Had to use one of the few spare recesses.

It was quite fortunate that I spent a bit of time working under the rear of the car as I spotted a problem.  I had installed the rear dampers with the adjustment wheel facing up/outwards.  This was okay during the build with the chassis up on axle stands and the suspension hanging.  However, once the car was on the ground and with the suspension moving through its full travel this adjustment wheel was fouling slightly on the horizontal tube of the upper wishbone.  It was lucky I spotted this before any permanent damage was done.

The fix was quite straightforward.  Unbolt the damper top and bottom, spin through 180 degrees so that the adjustment wheel faces downwards/inwards and re-install the bolts.

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