Friday, 20 May 2011

Polo Radiator Fitted

Some simple brackets made up from 5mm steel strip.  B&Q had exactly the right piece of steel available from which to cut these.  The brackets were given a quick couple of coats of Hammerite.

Lightweight (tinfoil and plastic) Polo radiator fitted and fan mounted.  I decided to go for a 'pull' type fan in the end. This leaves the front of the radiator free for fitting an oil cooler later - no plans at the moment though.

The 12 inch fan fits in very nicely behind the radiator.

The radiator was mounted at angle for two reasons.  The first, as I don't yet have the bodyshell on I don't know how much space I have to work with, so erred on the safe side.  Second, if mounted vertically both the pipe openings clash with other things (steering rack and upper chassis rail).

The fan wiring will be connected once the wiring loom in the engine bay is properly routed and mounted.

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