Sunday, 15 May 2011

Engine and Gearbox Fitted

Engine and gearbox being fitted.  Wooden blocks used in place of the engine rubbers to find the right position for drilling the holes.  Despite checking and re-checking the engine and gearbox did end up a little further back than planned.  Possibly due to the fact that one of the Tiger engine mounts does not sit flat with the plate on the chassis.  When the engine rubber is in place this is squashed on one side to take up the difference.

Final result seems okay, there is some small amount of the propshaft splined tube showing outside of the rear of the gearbox, just not as much as expected.  In a way this might be helpful.  It will mean that the Rally Design gear lever remote ends up just that little bit futher towards the rear of the car - every bit counts here as the gear lever gets very close to the dashboard when this particular remote is used in the Avon.

Drilling the bolt holes for the gearbox mount was a bit of a challenge - getting the drill down inside the transmission tunnel, especially as I had already fixed one side to the chassis.  The solution was to use an oversize hole at the top and then drill a correct size hole at the bottom, by drilling down at an angle.

 Thanks to Pete for loan of the engine crane and Gary for help with the fitting, including use of his Avon as a reference for measurements.

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