Sunday, 9 September 2012

Front Half of Roll Cage Fitted

Brackets are supplied with the cage to mount the front half.  There are some tubes welded onto them to protect the chassis rails from being crushed as the bolts are tightened up.  Problem is these are 16mm outside diameter.  If holes were drilled big enough this would remove two thirds of the metal in each of the 25mm chassis rails!  It would be okay if they were welded in before the body was fitted.  So I decided to cut the tubes off and just drill 10mm holes, using the remaining metal of the brackets as spreader plates.

Initially the roll cage came very close to the exhaust, but after tightening up the bolts it pulled the cage far enough away from the exhaust.

The silencer needed to be removed to get the lower bolts in.  The seats and interior trim panels had to be removed to get at the upper bolts.

Steel tubes of 10mm internal diameter were needed to space the roll cage out from the upper chassis rails.

Once fitted it was clear that the front half of the cage was going to foul the mirrors.

New mounting holes were made further back and 25mm rubber grommets were inserted into the holes previously cut into the aeroscreen.

Here are some photos taken on the way to the Southern Kit Car Club 2012 Jamboree.

This was taken at the Jamboree parking.

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