Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Front Camber Adjustment

The rear camber had previously been set up by adjusting the rose joints on the lower wishbones.  I tried to set the front camber, but I found that I could not wind the upper ball joints far enough in to the wishbones as the locking nuts got in the way.

The solution was to either machine down the wishbones or the locking nuts.  I decided it would be better to go for the lock nuts.  The local machine shop reduced them from 9.5mm thickness to 6.5mm.

Once re-fitted the upper ball joints would wind far enough in to get the desired 1.5 degrees of negative camber.

A test drive confirmed that the handling had been significantly transformed for the better.  Previously, with neutral front camber, the car handled okay, but it felt like there was room for improvement.  Now the car is much more willing to turn into corners and goes round on rails.  I should have adjusted this particular geometry setting months ago.  I'm now looking forward to testing the car out further on some more 'twisties'.

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