Saturday, 25 August 2012

Delivery of Full Race Cage

Yesterday my full race cage arrived.  This was delivered on a pallet direct from the manufacturers Caged Laser Engerineering.  It is comprised of a braced roll over bar with the main part of the cage bolting to this and the side chassis rails.

It is very substantial and quite heavy.  Much tougher than the chassis by the looks of it.  Which I suppose is reassuring and whole point of fitting the cage.  The quality is very good and it comes complete with a fixing kit.  We'll see how straightforward it is to install.

Holes need to be cut in the top of the rear tub to allow the diagonal braces to pass through.  The feet are bolted on after passing through the braces through the holes.  This helps keep the holes as small as possible.

I've made a cardboard template to establish the location of the holes.

I'll use this template to transfer the dimensions across to the top  of the rear tub.  I am praying that fuel filler is not in the way and does not need to be moved.  Once I've got the old roll over bar off, and the template offered up, I'll know for sure.

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