Sunday, 5 August 2012

0-60 (well 0-62 actually) in 4.66s!

Finally got round to trying out the acceleration timing feature on my digital dash.  It has three modes 0-62mph (0-100km/h), 62-0mph and 0-400m (1/4 mile).  I had a few runs using the 0-62mph setting.  My best time was  4.66 seconds.

I think technique and gearing are big factors in setting a good time.  After a few practice runs I was getting better at getting the power down without lighting up the rear tyres.  In second gear the engine is getting near the red line at 62mph, but it just makes it.  I think with some more practice I could knock a bit more off this time.  With a better road surface, i.e. a track/airfield, as opposed to my slightly bumpy deserted country lane, further fractions of second could be knocked off.

Anyway, just over 4.5 seconds to 62mph is very satisfying, especially for a car that you've built yourself, and a level of performance equaling cars many times more expensive.

Must get round to trying the other two timing features.

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