Sunday, 13 March 2011

Visit to Tiger, Revised Avon Body

Yesterday I took a trip to Tiger to collect some more shiny parts to bolt to my chassis.  While there I got the chance to look over a (nearly) finished Avon that was fitted with the newly revised body.  I was very impressed with the changes and I am fortunate that I have not bought my body yet so I will be able to get this new shape.

As you can see in the pictures there is now a proper boot locker with a locking lid.  Inside the boot is just a continuation of the single piece body - nothing to fabricate, just the hinges to mount!  No cutting is needed around the mounts for the roll bar either.  The fuel filler has been moved to the top (from the rear panel) and this now means that the inside of the boot space does not need cutting.  There is a revised alloy fuel tank too to fit this body - I think it is just filler neck moved further to the side.  The fuel tank is very neatly attached from below the car.  Fitting a braced roll bar might be more of a challenge than previously as the diagonal braces would come down where the filler now is.  I will rethink whether I want to fit a braced roll bar initially.

Apparently the non-symmetrical wheel arches should now be fixed too.

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