Monday, 21 February 2011

Wheels and Tyres Ordered

I've ordered some wheels and tyres from Tiger.  Once I collect these I'll be able to get the car on to its wheels.  The front uprights and hubs to be finished in the meantime.

Previously 6.5" rims were the widest that could be fitted on the Avon and still be compliant with IVA regulations (so that the tyres did not protrude outside of the rear wheel arches).  This is with 195 width tyres.  However, Tiger has now updated the Avon bodyshell mould and 205 width tyres can now be fitted on the rear.

I am going for 205 on the rear and 195 on the front, all on 6.5" rims.  In theory you could now fit 7" rims such as the popular Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2.  However, I have chosen wheels with 6.5" width as they were cheaper and will allow me some leeway with the wheel arch spacing.

Five wheels ordered (15" Team Dynamics Tornado S) - one rim spare for touring or as a spare in case one of the other four is damaged and this style is discontinued:

and four tyres (Toyo T1R):

I did want the new R1R, but they are not in stock for 195 at the moment.  I'll go for something more sporty next time.

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