Thursday, 14 March 2013

Mud Flaps

Often when out on a run down country lanes I find that I end up having to drive the car through puddles or being caught in a heavy rain shower.  With the positioning of the front cycle wings there is quite a bit of space for the water to spray up towards the side of the car, the occupants and even the interior of the car.  It was time to do something about it.

I bought 3mm thickness rally car mud flap material.  There was 4mm available, but I thought that would be too heavy.  Fortunately one piece of material cut in two was the perfect size for each side of the car.  A couple of 4.8mm rivets were used on each mud flap to hold them in place.  I positioned the mud flaps about 65mm above the ground so as to prevent them being caught under the wheel when reversing up a bump.  This could tear the cycle wing off the car.

I've been out for a test drive, up to motorway speed.  The mud flaps seem quite stable and didn't fly off!  I now just need to find out if they actually stop the spray of water from the road.

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