Sunday, 7 October 2012

GoPro Hero2 HD External Microphone

I'm really pleased with my new GoPro Hero2 HD video camera.  The picture is awesome.  Only issue is the sound quality, or more specifically the problem of wind noise. With the skeleton door on the back of the case it is pretty bad.  With the waterproof solid door it is better, but you still get a lot of wind noise (bad) and not much engine noise (good).

Anyway, I investigated external mikes and bought the following off eBay: UltraDisk 4036 Omnidirectional Hands Free Car Kit Microphone 3.5mm 3 Metre Cable.

Then I drilled a 9mm hole carefully in the nice new waterproof case.  Yes, I know, it won't be waterproof anymore!  I then routed the cable around the roll cage and attached the mike under the scuttle on the exhaust side.

Tried it out and success.  The wind noise is almost gone and you can hear the engine much better.  This test video was taken before I had drilled the hole in the case, hence the reason why it's just resting on the passenger seat.  Didn't want to drill hole until I knew that it was going to improve the sound.

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