Thursday, 21 June 2012


My aeroscreen had been on order with Tiger for a while.  Finally got my hands on it and then finally found some time to install it.

I wanted it as high as possible to deflect the wind from my head.  At the same time I did not want it so high that shorter passengers could not see forwards.  In the end I found that there really was only one place it would naturally sit.  The high windscreen mount on the Avon Mk2 body, combined with the maximum you can bend the side of the aeroscreen pretty much determines where it ends up.  I fitted the centre fixing first, got it straight and then fitted all the other fixings.   Holes had to be cut and filed for the existing mirror mountings.

Very pleased with the final result, even if it doesn't quite lift the airflow over my head, it finishes the scuttle off nicely and adds a bit more contrast to the white bodywork.

Motorcycle fairing fixings were used for fitting along with some rubber P-trim between the scuttle and the aeroscreen.

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