Sunday, 8 April 2012

Re-cap of IVA Test Preparations

I never got around to it earlier, but I'd always intended to write a post about the modifications that I did for my IVA test.  I'll share them here in case any are useful inspiration for other builders about to take their IVA tests.

Exhaust clamp bolt rotated around towards the sill of the car.

5mm rubber cord super-glued to the scuttle, around the dashboard.  The dashboard had been cut a few mm undersize to accommodate the cord.

3mm rubber cord super-glued around the lens of the reverse and fog lights.

Rubber u-trim attached around the upper harness buckles.

Self-amalgamating tape wrapped around the nuts on the side mirrors.

Exhaust heat wrap fitted around the lambda sensor with stainless steel ties.

U-trim fixed around the silencer bracket with Sikaflex.  Nut covers added to ends of bolts/nuts.

U-trim fitted around the headlight bracket.  Self-amalgamating tape wrapped around the upper ball joint adjuster nut.

Rubber pipe split and wrapped around the track rod, to make it the same diameter as the rod end.  Then self-amalgamating tape wrapped around both.  More nut covers added to the bolt heads and nuts, where not in an exempt area.

Front indicator extensions - made from plumbing tube and copper pipe end caps.

A combination of bicycle inner tube and self-amalgamating tape on the bonnet spring catches.

Loops of bicycle inner tube to secure the plastic covers for the rear bonnet catches.

U-trim on front cycle wings.

Nut coves on suspension nuts/bolts.  U-trim added to all edges of the fibreglass.

Ford Sierra steering wheel fitted.  Before the test I discovered that the inside had delaminated in places from the metal ring.  The padding had also gone a bit powdery.  Both due to old age.  I used a sharp knife to cut a long slit around parts of the wheel rim.  Inside I added some black Sikaflex and wrapped it all up tight with tape.  The repair is almost invisible and the wheel now feels as strong as new.


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  2. Hi What class was your tigers IVA done under Basic L,M,N,P or A,C,S?
    I will be starting on my build again soon and am after as much build info help as possible