Friday, 13 January 2012

MoT Passed

Passed.  Only issue was the emissions.  CO, etc. was fine, but the lambda value was too high.  Webcon has added a timing retard feature to the ECU to help with this.  With the relevant wire connected to earth the timing is retarded 10 degrees.  This causes the exhaust gas temperature to rise and get the catalyst to 'light'.  The issue is particularly acute at idle as the exhaust gases will be cooler.

The second attempt was better, but still a fail.  Then I noticed the exhaust gas probe was not fully in the silencer. If it is not fully in it can 'sniff' fresh air and upset the readings (due to the pulsing of the air, in and out of the silencer end).  With the probe fully in, everything was good and the emissions test was passed.

With the MoT out of the way I'll get on with making a booking for the IVA test and finishing off all my IVA-prep jobs.

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