Monday, 21 November 2011

Exhaust Clamp Tested and Rad Fan Switch Changed

Ran the engine again, this time with the silencer clamped to the cat pipe.  No leaks, so that job is done.

The radiator fan switch supplied by Tiger activates at 84oC.  This is a bit low for the Zetec on fuel injection so I always thought that I'd have to change it over to the higher setting.  Anyway, when I looked at the higher setting it was about 147oC so obviously no use!  I bought a replacement switch (Intermotor 50102 - for Peugeot 205/Citroen BX C15).  The lower setting comes on at 93oC and goes off at 88oC.  The higher setting is 97oC/92oC.  I installed it on the radiator and checked it in operation.  It seems to work okay.

As I have no thermostat installed I need the fan to operate at the correct temperature.  While running the engine with the car stationary the Tiger ali radiator seems to be very efficient at cooling.  I'll have to see how it performs when the engine is working harder on the road.  I may have to watch out for over-cooling, especially in the colder months.

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