Saturday, 22 January 2011

Longer Wheel Studs

The existing wheel studs are very short - suitable for the original Sierra steel wheels, but not the alloy wheels that will be fitted to the finished Avon. The old studs were removed using a bench press and the 41mm hub nut socket (yes, it has come in handy many times already, not just for the hub nuts!)

After painting the drive flange with black Hammerite satin longer wheel studs (from Tiger) were installed. Again, using the bench press. Here is the finished product with old and new studs for comparison.

If, after trying the alloy wheels, these turn out to be too long they can be cut down.

If no bench press is available, the wheel studs can be removed with a large hammer, but really this would be easier with the drive flange still on the donor car. The new longer studs could then be pulled through by tightening up the wheel nuts. Not sure though if this would require too much pressure to be put on the alloys.

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